Ten Important Foot Steps for Patients with Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you probably already know that you face special health challenges as the result of your disease. People with diabetes often suffer from poor blood circulation, which slows down healing and may increase the risk of infections. Additionally, due to nerve damage from the disease some may lose some or most of the sensations that you feel hot or cold, and the pain that might come from injuries.

As you can imagine, complications like infection and injury can be particularly serious when they affect the feet. The good news is that by following these steps and taking care of your feet, you can greatly reduce your risk of having problems.

  1. Check your Feet
  2. Keep your feet Clean
  3. Go soft on your skin
  4. Avoid heat on your feet
  5. Wear loose fitting socks
  6. Never use sharp instruments
  7. Maintain a proper weight
  8. Be kind your feet
  9. Do Not smoke
  10. Listen to your Podiatrist concerning your care